Mead Matters

Mead Matters is the AMMA Home Governing Committee’s webinar series.  

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October 21st at 9pm Eastern Time
Company: Z Specialty 
Host: Matt Weide
Guest: Josh Zeldner
Topic: Guided tasting tour of 6 honey’s

  • Northwestern Chicory
  • California Avocado
  • California Coriander
  • Cultivated/Northwestern Buckwheat
  • Hawaiian Kiawe
  • Mexican Coffee Blossom

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November 4th at 9pm Eastern Time
Company: Lost Cause
Host: Matt Weide
Guest: Billy Beltz
Topic: Guided tasting entitled “The future of mead”

Billy Beltz is the Co-Founder of Lost Cause Meadery located in San Diego, CA. Established in 2017, Lost Cause Meadery specializes in creating meads across a wide variety of modern and traditional styles and has become one of the most awarded meaderies in the world over the last several years.

Billy has taught mead making at the Robert Mondavi Institute at UC Davis as well as at UC San Diego’s Brewing Certificate program, and in 2019 was awarded the Ken Schramm Award by the American Mead Maker Association for his commitment to education in the mead community. That same year Billy teamed up with White Labs to conduct a research project on nutrients in mead making and his experiments with yeast strains have been published in American Mead Maker and Zymurgy. Billy is also BJCP Certified Mead Judge.

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